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Shipping InfoUpdated 6 months ago

*All orders must be reviewed by a medical provider prior to processing and shipping. This may cause delays to the standard anticipated shipping delivery timeframe.

In addition, if phone numbers, emails, or addresses are entered incorrectly, this could cause a further delay. Thank you for your understanding, quality service and patient care are our utmost priorities.

We cannot guarantee packages will arrive within the given timeframe. If your package has not arrived when expected, we recommend you contact the FedEx, UPS or USPS as we do not have control of the package once it has been securely given to them for shipment. Please refer to your tracking number.

Please expect longer shipping times during promotions and during the month of December, when the volume of packages by the shipping companies is significantly higher and may affect delivery time. We also recommend having items delivered to an indoor location or one where mail will be collected promptly, as extreme cold can damage products.

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