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What is LegitScript and how did you get certified?Updated 7 months ago

LegitScript is an independent service that investigates and monitors a variety of types of websites to promote security and transparency on the internet and to inform the public about trusted, as well as fraudulent, websites. They have a team of regulatory experts, including health care experts, and they made their reputation by identifying and taking down numerous illegal online pharmacies. Search engines, payment processors, and domain registrars use LegitScript to identify trustworthy businesses and shut down illegal and fraudulent ones. We’re proud to be a LegitScript certified website for dispensing prescription products. 

To get our certified status, we were required to undergo extensive investigations into all areas of our business, including our credit card processing, telemedicine, and fulfillment practices. We had to meet extremely stringent standards for legal compliance, ethical practices, and transparency in our dealings with clients. We satisfied all the requirements and are officially entitled to display the LegitScript logo for our certification. 

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