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Why Labs

Do I need to get lab work done?

At Enhance.MD, your well-being takes precedence in the prescription of semaglutide medication. We uphold a critical standard that we do not compromise on—comprehensive labwork. The results of laboratory tests assist us in assessing whether semaglutid

Where do I get my bloodwork done?

Our collaboration with Quest Diagnostics across the country has simplified the process for you. Once your lab work is requested, we will alert you and provide a convenient link. You can easily schedule appointments at your convenience through Quest.

Why do some companies not require bloodwork?

There are many online providers that are cutting corners and not meeting the standard of care. We firmly believe in the principle of first do no harm, and thoroughly screen everyone to rule out possible reasons where semaglutide therapy might be cont

What is CBC and why is it tested?

The CBC test measures various components of your blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It can help detect conditions like anemia, infections, and blood disorders

What is CMP and why is it tested?

The CMP test assesses different markers related to your body's metabolism, including liver function, kidney function, blood sugar levels, and electrolyte balance. It can provide insights into conditions like liver or kidney disease, diabetes, and ele

What are Lipids and why are they tested??

Lipids play various roles, including energy storage, insulation, and hormone production. Lipid tests, such as HDL (high-density lipoprotein), LDL (low-density lipoprotein), total cholesterol, and triglycerides, provide valuable information about an i

What is TSH and why is it tested?

The TSH test measures the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, which is crucial for evaluating thyroid function. Abnormal TSH levels can indicate an underactive or overactive thyroid, which can impact your metabolism, energy levels, and overall wel

What is HbA1c and why is it tested?

The HbA1c test measures the average blood sugar levels over a period of time and is primarily used to assess diabetes management. It provides a long-term picture of your blood sugar control and helps monitor the risk of complications associated with

What kind of bloodwork do I need?

Our committed medical professionals will vigilantly oversee essential indicators, such as Complete Blood Count, Complete Metabolic Panel, lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides), TSH, and HbA1c. This thorough monitoring aims to detect any potential un

How long will it take for my results?

It takes approximately 2-3 days after your scheduled visit for us to receive your results. They will be populated to your account dashboard. Our providers will be ready to review your results with you to start your weight loss journey.